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Welcome to
Crayons Education

Who We Are

Crayons Education is a private organization founded to improve the education of Sri Lankan school students.

As a solution to the stressful and competitive education system which is currently trending in Sri Lanka, We at Crayons Education are on a mission to introduce the self learning concept to school students. With the developing world it is time Sri Lankan students take advantage of new technology to improve their lives and mainly their studies. We have been partnering up with Sri Lanka Telecom PLC to make this possible with our latest desktop and mobile application A/L Kuppiya. 

Hang around to see what more we have got for you in the near future. 

What We Do


A/L Kuppiya is a learning app which is mainly targeting G.C.E Advanced Level students in Sri Lanka. The app offers comprehensive learning programs in all subject streams by video lessons as well as live lessons. The app has classes and lessons conducted by Sri Lanka’s best teachers, scholars and university lecturers using state of the art technology for visualization. The latest version of the app personalizes learning based on the individual pace and style of learning of each and every student.

A/L Kuppiya have six platforms. 


  • Kuppiya VOD (Facilitates students to watch recorded video lessons)

  • Kuppiya Live (Live class operation facility)

  • Kuppiya Store (E-commerce platform to buy student needs)

  • A/L Squad eka (Community space to share students knowledge)

  • Tuition handiya (Classified advertisement platform for teachers)

  • After A/L’s (Details about institutes to plan after A/L studies)


This is an all-inclusive model, which breaks the clutter around rank holders making learning effective not just for the motivated students, but for everyone. Specially considering Kuppiya VOD, the video programs have been designed to make not just the class toppers but every student fall in love with learning. 

 Altogether A/L kuppiya has a desktop application and mobile applications to deliver video lessons all around Sri Lanka. The app guarantees high quality streaming so the students feel comfortable learning through the app.

 As a result of the proud partnership between Crayons Education and Sri Lanka Telecom PLC., users of A/L kuppiya have the opportunity to access attractive low cost data packages from SLT. Furthermore, students are able to access the video lessons of A/L Kuppiya through SLT PEO TV – EOD on their televisions.

Awards won

  • Winner e-swabhimani 2020 (learning and education) – ICTA and ministry of technology Sri Lanka
  • Winner Best disruptor award (Sabaragamuwa) 2021  – SLASSCOM
  • Winner Best start-up award (Sabaragamuwa) 2021  – SLASSCOM
  • Mbillionth awards South Asia 2021 – special mention