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The market analysis boils down to tracking the dynamics of price highs and lows. There has been a 465% increase in searches for the phrase “influencer marketing” on Google alone since 2016. Clearly, it is now a hot topic, leading to more people wanting to educate themselves about influencer marketing and find influencer marketing platforms and agencies. The period leading up to 2019 was particularly frantic, with a 1500% increase in searches for “influencer marketing” between 2016 and 2019.


It is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is a good strategy to start creating high-quality content to engage your audience. It’s important to understand what your audience needs and wants in order to achieve success. An uptrend trendline connecting a series of higher lows creates a support level for future price movements.

In other words, a perceived tendency to move in a particular direction. We created DemandJump to help marketers get insights and drive outcomes faster and more efficiently. DemandJump doesn’t just track search trends and consumer behavior in real-time, but also draws in insights from competitors to help you see how they are reacting to trends. Following along with trends just because they exist is never a great idea. To make sure your choices will result in more business and more customer loyalty, you can’t skip market research. This process will help you understand the problems customers are facing, and refine the way you present your solutions.


Wars and mining disruptions restrict supply, therefore too boosting the prices. Read relevant publications in your sector to find out what is making headlines. Magazines or online blogs that share up-to-date opinions and thought leadership will help you stay on the pulse of what is currently important to the industry. The rising trend begins to lose momentum and selling pressure kicks in.

How to keep up with market trends

It is vital to understand the market trends definition and use it in your business strategy. Technical analysis tools such as the trendline, the Relative Strength Index and moving averages are popular to identify market trends. Traders can also use fundamental analysis, such as earnings growth or long-term supply-demand dynamics, to help in evaluating a trend. Market trend is the direction of the asset’s price over time. In technical analysis, when prices experience a series of higher highs and higher lows, they are said to be in an uptrend, which is often referred to as the bull market. In contrast, prices are said to be in a downtrend when they suffer through consistent lower highs and lower lows, known as the bear market.

The RSI falls below 70, followed by a very large down candle that takes the price to the trendline. The move lower was confirmed the next day when the price gapped below the trendline. These signals could have been used to exit long positions as there was evidence that the trend was turning. The lack of a trend—that is, a period of time where there is little overall upward or downward progress—is called a range or trendless period. Many traders opt to trade in the same direction as the trend, attempting to profit from a continuation of that trend. A trend is the general direction of the price of a market, asset, or metric.

  • This rate is up substantially from the 37% who claimed they would allocate a budget to it in 2017.
  • Determine the trends you seek to study for your trend analysis.
  • When security is moving along a downtrend, the level of resistance is thought to represent the highest prices the security is likely to reach during the trend.
  • This helps companies look at how a group’s spending habits influence the market.

The stock market was also described as being in a secular bear market from 1929 to 1949. For instance, a simple five-day moving average assigns equal weight to each of the five days while other types give greater weight to more recent prices. Moving averages are popular tools because they make it easy to spot trends by smoothing out random price fluctuations that are typical of volatile markets.

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This post highlights how our own video marketers created video content from home at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past, video creation and marketing strategies were limited due to costly resources and production. With a lower-cost barrier, video has become less intimidating to incorporate into your marketing efforts. The process of inbound marketing requires you to produce quality, valuable content tailored towards your target audience and buyer personas and their needs.

A market trend is a tendency of a financial market to move in a particular direction over time. These trends are classified as secular for long time frames, primary for medium time frames, and secondary for short time frames. The terms bull market and bear market describe upward and downward market trends, respectively, and can be used to describe either the market as a whole or specific sectors and securities. A market trend is a perceived tendency of financial markets to move in a particular direction over time.

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A time when most investors are selling stocks is known as distribution, while a time when most investors are buying stocks is known as accumulation. From 1926 to 2014, the average bear market lasted 13 months with an average cumulative loss of 30%, while annualized declines for bear markets ranged from −19.7% to −47%. For the trend of a market that is used in a company’s planning activities, especially regarding inventory decisions, purchasing, facility expansion and promotional activities, see Market analysis. And Shein won over many young shoppers with savvy social media marketing and on-trend clothes.

What Is the Difference Between a Trend & a Business Cycle?

So, while it’s the influencer’s audience that’s the ultimate prize, the target market for brands includes the influencers themselves. Regardless of current market trends, it is possible to make investing decisions that create a reasonable return. A trend is the overall direction of a market or an asset’s price. A downtrend describes the movement of a stock to a lower price than previously. It will exist as long as there are lower highs and lower lows on the stock chart.

Once security has breached a pivot point, some technical analysts believe it’s likely to continue increasing in value. Stock and Futures Market Research – use my technical and fundamental analysis to pick up swing trades with the best risk/reward ratio. There will be certain numbers of factories that will have some changes, by narrowing down the scale of the factories or moving to other places, we follow the market trend. When a company records positive earnings growth for several consecutive quarters, it represents a positive market trend example. On the other hand, when a company’s earnings fall consistently over a certain period, it shows a negative trend. A trendline is a straight line which connects a series of price points – highs and lows – and extends into the future.

What does Market trend mean?

Maybe your competitors do something every year to mark some of these occasions, or your are looking for unique products or services for a few months. Other times, social media influencers or emerging research drives these trends in interest. Social media-based trends are becoming increasingly important for marketers, as well as for businesses. Social media listening platforms are becoming popular to monitor customer sentiment and assess brand health. Other trends include desktop versus mobile market trend analysis. This research helps you to catch differences in the behavior of customers and can be useful for specific situations.

Also, if you only look at the economy, you might not be considering the chronological vs. functional resumess that are relevant and important for your business. Each trend will affect your organization in various ways so you want to be sure to look at the trends that are relevant, and consider more than one trend. Let’s look at three trends up close and see how they can affect your business. If so, have you figured out how exactly you plan to improve your SEO and organic presence? When you optimize for specific types of consumer behavior, you’ll help your business become more discoverable online.

Your plan of action can include new campaigns or changes to current campaigns, changes to your strategy or changes to how you engage your topic of study, in this case, the customers. The following explains how to conduct market trend analysis in a step-by-step process. An uptrend implies a gradual increase in the price over a certain period. It’s crucial to perform an analysis concept only concerning a given time interval because trend direction even on adjacent time frames can be opposite. If the price has been moving in one direction for several weeks, the trader will notice that a resistance or support line is forming on a 4-hour or daily chart. But if the trend has changed recently and a new movement is just starting to form, the borders of the trend line are hard to distinguish yet.

While we didn’t have updated figures on earned media value in our 2022 Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report, we did have new figures in 2020. Businesses earn an average of $5.78 promotional publicity for each $1 they spend on influencer marketing. Some companies gain up to $18 EMV for every influencer dollar spent, although 25% either lose money or just break even.

Explore examples of market trend analysis through customer needs, technology advancements, and market demographics. When it comes to the trend marketers will invest the most money in for 2023, SEO ranks third behind short-form video and influencer marketing. Further, 88% of marketers who have an SEO strategy will increase or maintain their investment in 2023, which is a slight uptick from the year before (84%). Determine the trends you seek to study for your trend analysis. To do so, refer to the above section on the major different kinds of market trend analyses.

But, now, as digitally immersive platforms continue to get more accessible to larger audiences, the possibility of experiential marketing back on the table again for 2023. Worryingly, only 31% of marketers say their sales and marketing teams are strongly aligned. It’s no surprise that almost half of marketers are shifting their goals in 2023 towards sales and marketing alignment. But when this doesn’t happen, it creates a flurry of problems for everyone involved.

This shift is already having an impact on consumer shopping habits For instance, 71% of Gen Z-ers prefer to discover new products on social media. In the U.S. alone, 79% of people have some type of social media account — and globally, there are over 3.7 billion social media users. Of the marketers who use native ads, more than 36% say it’s effective, while nearly 50% say it’s their top ROI-generating tactic.

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