California’s Best 12-Step-Based Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center

Valley Hope is a 55-bed, drug and alcohol rehab facility in Arizona that provides both residential and partial hospitalization programs for those in addiction recovery. Oro House is Joint-Commission accredited and offers luxury alcohol and drug rehab programs that follow both holistic and non-12-step approaches. Turnbridge offers residential and outpatient care for teens and young adults ages 14 and up, with separate facilities and programs for young men, young women and adolescents. With locations in New Haven and Westport, Conn., this 12-step based facility folds education into treatment, offering to facilitate academics via a teen’s current schooling or via Turnbridge Academy, integrated into the facility. Standard care emphasizes therapy with group, individual, and family therapy available, as well as treatment for co-occurring disorders. Aftercare services are available, with outreach staff and on-campus support group meetings for alumni, as well as sober living facilities for individuals who want more transitional support.

Evidence-based treatment consists of multiple approaches that have proven to be successful at helping patients overcome addiction. When these problems co-occur, treatment should address all issues – not just drug addiction.

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Many individuals who are addicted to drugs might have other psychological disorders. Because drug abuse and addiction often occur in tandem with other mental illnesses, patients presenting with one condition should be assessed for others too. Long-term programs don’t necessarily mean that you’ll be in inpatient for months and months (but that’s an option if necessary).

  • Inspire Malibu offers exceptional accommodations, food, and on-call staff for our patients 24/7 for anything they may need.
  • But that, she said, can include helping select, from a list of hundreds, a center to treat an eating disorder to arranging round-the-clock monitoring of a hedge fund executive who doesn’t want a relapse.
  • The next step is a physical examination from a doctor, and then finally detox begins.
  •’s helpline is a private and convenient solution for individuals seeking treatment for addiction or mental illness.
  • According to the website, when a patient first arrives, he/she will meet a therapist so a plan for detox can be created, then the patient will be given a tour and taken to his/her room.

Outpatient care options include sober living and therapy, including medication management. Here at our luxury drug rehab center in Michigan, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating substance abuse. We combine the latest evidence-based therapies alongside traditional and holistic approaches in order to provide each client with a unique experience when seeking treatment.

Freedom House Recovery Center

Counselors and therapists can help you identify factors that underly your substance use, to avoid triggers, to strengthen your motivation, and to navigate treatment options. They can also team with certified professionals to administer medication-assisted treatment. Rehab describes structured programs designed to help people stop using drugs or alcohol and learn to live a healthy life.

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It’s important to keep in mind that within the spectrum of treatment settings, including inpatient and outpatient, people may move in either direction through the continuum as they journey through recovery. For example, someone may step down to a less intensive level of care if their recovery progress allows it. Others may find that they would benefit from moving from an outpatient to addiction rehabilitation center an inpatient program due to previously unforeseen challenges. Our mission is to provide compassionate care, combined with evidence-based treatment therapies for people struggling with addiction and mental health. Our comprehensive program provides detox AND addiction treatment at our facilities, which leads to improved continuity of care for our clients and more effective treatment.

Medical Detox or Medication-assisted Therapies

1st Step Behavioral Health is a licensed dual-diagnosis long-term care facility, accredited by the Joint Commission. 1st Step focuses on physiological rebalancing of individuals through medical, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual treatment. As a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment center, they are able to assist those affected by addiction and mental health on their journey of recovery, from detox and assessment all the way to aftercare.

Today, more than ever, consumers need to know what to look for in a rehab center. As you research treatment centers and speak with rehab providers, here are important questions to ask and topics to cover. Online learning opportunities on substance use disorders, alcohol and drug prevention, violence prevention, behavioral health issues, and more. The residential 12-step treatment program at Serenity Knolls features comprehensive services provided by experienced professionals in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Does Medicare Cover Drug Addiction Treatment?

Some of them, like finding distractions, are beneficial and used as a part of treatment plans like cognitive behavioral therapy . Fort Lauderdale has the highest number of them, followed by Miami and West Palm Beach – all offering dozens of options. There are also several outpatient centers in Jacksonville and Pensacola.

  • /PRNewswire/ — Six Recovery Centers of America treatment facilities have been ranked among the best in the country by Newsweek Magazine’s 2022 America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers.
  • This includes a medical history, type, and length of substance abuse, previous treatment history, a summary of current medications, if any, and an evaluation of outside factors including living situation and job performance.
  • This includes substances like heroin, prescription painkillers, and fentanyl.
  • Because of this, we have included them in our list of trustworthy rehab facilities in the state.
  • The discomfort and pain can be too much without professional guidance and support.
  • If you would feel safest or most comfortable in an environment where you’re surrounded only by your own gender, this is a criterion to consider.

In addition to its active treatment programs, alumni have access to sober living and recovery housing, all following a 12-step model of care. Freedom House Recovery Center is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and partner of United Way of the Greater Triangle, providing services to people of all genders, ages 3 and up. Services include detoxification, short-term and long-term residential care in the form of halfway houses, out-patient services, aftercare, and counseling, even for children whose parents have a substance use disorder diagnosis. It also treats co-occurring mental disorders and behavioral issues.

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